At Brighten Your View, open-source technology is employed to light the web with your vision. For website development, WordPress is the first choice to bring flexibility and a user-friendly administration area. This is to allow you, the client, the ability to maintain your website as you desire. If you can type a Word Document, you can maintain the content on your website. You might be thinking right about now what is WordPress? Click Here to find out more about WordPress and why Brighten Your View makes it the tool of choice when creating a website.

Website Development

wordleWordPress is Brighten Your View’s preferred website development foundation tool and one of the best for most businesses. It’s supported by a world-wide community of developers and provides many features which can be used to make your website as dynamic as possible. Keeping your website up to date, in an ever-changing Internet world, is a simple as a push of a button. As the technology of the Internet evolves, so does WordPress.



E-Commerce Solutions

shopping_cartSelling products and services on-line is a huge undertaking. Which is why I make a point of helping you plan and execute your on-line selling strategy. Brighten Your View offers an e-commerce solution by customizing Woocommerce for WordPress. This solution is seamlessly integrated into your website. And I’d be happy to explain all of this in person. It’s that easy to get going!


Application Development

Need a unique application for your business? Brighten Your View offers custom website applications to meet your needs. Let us help build those tools suited to your specific requirements.


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