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Brighten Your View was founded with the vision of producing innovative and affordable websites and custom website applications for small to medium size businesses and non-profit organizations.

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Thoughts from the Web Developer

WordPress What’s So Great About It?

WordPress was introduced in May 2003.  According to wikipedia, it is currently used in 22% of all websites and Version 3 has been downloaded by more than 65 million users.

Because of the way WordPress is structured it separates the design from the content of your website.  »»»

What do I need a Website Design Specialist for?

Through today’s Internet, you can get a website from just about anyone or anywhere. BUT, do you really KNOW what you’re getting? Simply having a website is not enough. Your web presence has to be an extension of your business, a tool that works with your overall marketing strategy. It needs to be a tool that works FOR you. »»»